Simple and effective ways of getting active and keeping fit, from walking and running, to swimming and Pilates

A man looking at his watch while out for a run in the park.
Fitness Technology

The running tech you need to run faster than ever before

Tried and tested running tech to take your runs to the next level.

A man and a woman running together.

Getting more active can boost your sex life – top insights from our expert team

Supercharge your sex life by getting active

Cherryson on a group walk on the Skirrid Mountain, in South Wales.

How to find a walking group – and transform your life

Find a walking group and make new friends.

Man running with headphones
Fitness & Wellbeing

How to take the first steps of your amazing running journey 

If you're interested in running but don't know where to start... we're here to help.

Woman with an e-MTB surrounded by hills

Electric bike sales are soaring thanks to older riders – here’s how to join in

E-MTBs– how an electric bike can get you back into the saddle.

Mr motivator standing with arms crossed looking at camera

Mr Motivator: ‘beautiful older people are works of art’

Our conversation with an icon of the fitness world, where he tells us why he’s still sharing the joy of health and wellness

Yoga mats

How to choose the right yoga mat

We tell you the questions to ask before buying a yoga mat.

Man wearing a hat digging in his garden with his dog

How to get fit with just 30 minutes of gardening

Gardening workouts are easily accessible, can be slotted in whenever you have a spare 30 minutes, are relaxing and completely free.


Couch to 5K: why you should start, and how to keep going 

Get up and running with couch to 5k


The best yoga mats we’ve tested

The best yoga mats: We tell you which one to buy