Simon Akeroyd


Simon Akeroyd is the Gardening Editor for Saga Exceptional. Simon adores gardening and plants and has been indulging in his hobby ever since he was knee high.

Simon loves nothing better than getting his green fingers stuck into the soil (or peat-free compost even) and counts himself lucky to have worked at some of the most beautiful gardens in the country. Gardens have included RHS Wisley, RHS Harlow Carr, Polesden Lacey, Sheffield Park, Coleton Fishacre and Agatha Christie’s Greenway in Devon.

In between gaining hands-on gardening experience, Simon has also spent time as a journalist working for a few years at the BBC as a Horticultural Researcher, Writer and Producer where he worked across a range of different gardening shows.

Simon loves to combine his two favourite hobbies (gardening and writing) and has written over 30 gardening books. Topics include vegetable gardening, composting, pruning, lawns, propagation amongst others. Many of his books are available from reputable book shops, and probably from some less reputable ones as well…

When Simon isn’t gardening or writing (which isn’t very often to be fair) he enjoys playing tennis and beekeeping – ideally not at the same time, although there is a sting to his serve!

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