Sarah Brealey

Sarah Brealey has more than 20 years of journalism experience, including being Editor at the British Heart Foundation, where she ran its award-winning patient magazine and other editorial content. She finds it incredibly rewarding to inform and inspire people with great content that gives them the information they need, and she does this by focusing on what readers want, combined with commitment to quality and attention to detail. She’s also a volunteer befriender for Age UK.

Outside of work, Sarah’s happiest moments are spent running or walking, preferably in mountains, by the sea or anywhere in nature, and she’s an active member of a walking group. Her other passions include yoga, cycling, travelling – especially by train – and food (both cooking and eating it).

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Articles by Sarah Brealey

Nine different hot cross buns lined up on a wood tabletop

The best hot cross buns of 2023 

It’s peak season for hot cross buns… But which supermarket’s version won out in our taste test? And could the “new” flavours win over our testers, or is it classic all the way?