Rebecca Frew


Becky Frew has written various articles for newspapers and magazines focusing on fitness, is a qualified run leader, and a certified sleep talker trainer who loves to help advise people how they can nod off easier. When she is not writing or reading about fitness, she is at hot pod yoga, bounce class, training for an ultra-marathon or booking anything with a medal and free food at the end.

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Articles by Rebecca Frew

Senior woman waking up refreshed as she has a good sleep schedule
Sleep Help

How to fix your sleep schedule in five simple steps

Keeping a consistent sleep schedule can help improve your brain, energy levels and mood. Here's how to fix yours...

Woman laying in bed looking at her mobile phone.
Sleep Help

Why blue light and sleep shouldn’t go to bed together

Artificial blue light is a part of modern life and we're exposed to it almost constantly - but blue light and sleep are not bed buddies.

Man asleep on his side in bed
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Best sleeping position: A guide for older adults

Discover if you're sleeping in the best position for you - how you've slept for years might not be beneficial to you now.

Lower limbs of a woman with an artificial leg running on pavement

Running cadence explained – including how to calculate your own

Taking shorter strides when you run might help prevent injury, but changing your running cadence as an older runner could be risky.

Group of five people around a table, only their arms showing and clinking orange juice in the middle of the table.
Food groups

Sober October: 10 reasons to give it a try

Become a Soberhero and benefit your health, mental wellbeing and wallet, too. Find out what you can achieve booze-free.

Group of people smiling after a run outside.

Running club: five reasons why joining one will benefit your running

You'll gain lots of valuable things when you join a running club - from knowledge to friendship and a sense of safety. You won't regret it when you find the right club.