Lynne Maxwell

Lynne is a freelance journalist working for a range of clients including Kelsey Media, the Royal Society of Chemistry (despite dropping that subject at the earliest opportunity, much to her chemistry teacher’s relief) and, of course, Saga Exceptional. 

She was editor of a number of national magazines – including Improve your Sea Angling, Garden Answers and Country Walking – before launching a portfolio of websites in the country market as Editor in Chief. 

She has spent much of her career working in photography and gardening (including several publications of the prestigious Royal Horticultural Society) but her passions are tennis, which she plays socially or in matches about three times a week, and rural walks. In fact, every major birthday (a number divisible by five) she organises a walk with friends matching that number of miles. At some point she may consider changing to kilometres… but not yet. 

An interest in running was also sparked when she worked on Trail Running magazine and she enjoys parkrun on a Saturday and sometimes a run across the fields near her house, just  for the joy of it. 

She also has a degree-level diploma in Leadership Mentoring and Executive Coaching but has never found it effective with her own family. She’s married with one son and when she and her husband are not playing tennis, they like to go and watch it, especially the Rothesay classics because of the intimacy of the settings, so close to the top players, and Wimbledon. Despite ‘encouraging’ her son with a book on tennis for his first Christmas, he chose the dark side, preferring  to play and watch football with his mates or dad.

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