Jacqueline Hooton

Jacqueline Hooton is a personal trainer and women’s health coach with over twenty years’ experience in the fitness industry. She works with clients online and face to face in her private studio. With her unique voice, in the online fitness space, she has grown an impressive and loyal female dominated following with over 268K followers on Instagram. A mum of five grown up children, and a grandmother, Jacqueline understands how a woman’s health is important to her at every age.

Jacqueline is known for her positive approach to midlife, and challenges the negative narrative around growing older and ageism. Her viral Instagram reels have attracted the attention of millions of people, helping her promote the health benefits of physical activity to a global audience of women going through menopause and beyond.

As a former fitness tutor for one of the UK’s leading fitness providers, Jacqueline has researched, created, and delivered fitness courses to hundreds of students. An experienced fitness educator, she understands the importance of evidence-based research, when imparting key facts and relevant information.

Jacqueline has presented at numerous fitness events, and gives talks on topics including menopause, healthy ageing, and empowering women in fitness. She is a trainer with Davina McCall’s Own Your Goals, delivering live and pre-recorded fitness workouts for members of the app.

Jacqueline takes her own fitness very seriously, and has taken part in races of all distances, including two London Marathons, and is a former competitive bodybuilder. She enjoys walking, running, and cycling on the West Sussex beach where she lives, and is passionate about strength training.

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