Hannah Verdier

Hannah Verdier writes about fitness, health, relationships, podcasts, TV and the joy of reinventing yourself at 50 and beyond. She’s a graduate of teenage music bible Smash Hits and has a side hustle as a fitness trainer who shows people who hated PE at school how to love exercise.

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Articles by Hannah Verdier

Couple looking at computer
Real Life

Money worries? You’re not alone, survey reveals

Feeling the pinch? You’re not the only one, as a new survey from Age Scotland says over-fifties are more worried than ever about money.

Garden fence brought down by storm

How to storm-proof your garden

With storm season just beginning with the arrival of Storm Agnes, here’s how to make sure you’re ready for the next one.

Women having coffee

Are you suffering from the “self-care gap?”

Are you one of the women who only has five hours of “me-time” a week? A survey exposes the midlife squeeze, so what can we do about it?

Two women smiling

No orgasm? No problem: 10 ways to great sex without one

There’s no reason why your sex life should be less satisfying than 20 years ago. Experts say taking the pressure off could change everything.

Brain Health

Music: the magical lifeline for those living with dementia

Music is a powerful tool for people living with dementia. It’s National Playlist Day, so which songs are on the soundtrack to your life?

People having a laugh

Want to live a longer, healthier life? Take tips from the Blue Zones

As Blue Zones in England and Wales – places with more people living beyond 100 – are revealed, what can we learn from the world’s longevity hotspots?