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Gemma Harris


Gemma Harris is a Staff Writer for Fitness at Saga Exceptional. Gemma has been a journalist for over seven years and is a self-confessed health and wellbeing enthusiast, which led her to specialise in health journalism. During her career, she has worked with top editors in the industry and taken on fun fitness challenges such as completing 40 weighted dead bugs daily for three weeks. She is particularly passionate about nutrition; after being diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome in 2016, she discovered her fascination for gut health and founded – a dedicated space for providing a hopeful outcome for people with gut issues. Gemma’s core aim is to help others through her writing. 

Gemma has written about various topics from combatting the spread of health misinformation on social media and her experience of taking mental health medication, to sleep stories and mindful gardening. Previously a freelance journalist, she has produced content for leading health journals such as Gastrointestinal Nursing and the British Journal of Healthcare Management, as well as multimedia health and lifestyle platforms, including, StomaTips, Fit&Well, LiveScience and

She is the proud owner of two adorable guinea pigs who are far too spoilt and have become her writing companions. When she is not writing, Gemma can be found walking in nature, at a yoga or spin class, swimming, doing an at-home YouTube workout, snuggling up with a self-help book or meditating. She is also a member of a local running club. These experiences help to influence and shape the content she creates. And because life is all about balance, Gemma also enjoys having cocktails with friends. 

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