Carrie Marshall


Writer, broadcaster and musician Carrie Marshall has been a technology journalist for 24 years. Her CV is a who’s-who of magazines, websites and newspapers ranging from T3, Techradar and Woman & Home to the Sunday Post and People’s Friend, and she has been providing no-nonsense technology help and buying advice to BBC Radio Scotland listeners since the early 2000s.

Carrie has written and co-written nearly twenty books as well as a BBC radio documentary series, and her memoir Carrie Kills A Man is on sale now.

Carrie is particularly interested in how technology can make our lives easier, especially if that gives her an excuse to buy yet another kitchen gadget.

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Articles by Carrie Marshall

Google Nest Hub in bedroom setting
Smart Home

Google Nest Hub (2nd gen) review

The Google Nest Hub smart display is a great bedside companion even if you don't use the sleep tracking features.

Amazon Echo Show 8 in bedroom scene
Smart Home

Amazon Echo Show 8 (2nd gen) review

The Echo Show 8 is an excellent bedroom or kitchen speaker with useful on-screen information, Alexa’s many abilities and smart home controls.

Amazon Echo Show 10 in kitchen setting with home screen
Smart Home

Amazon Echo Show 10 review

Imagine a standard Echo speaker with a Fire tablet spinning around the front of it. That's the Echo Show.

Older man sat on a sofa holding the B-Cure Laser device

How a simple, hand-held product could vastly reduce pain 

B-Cure Laser promises a simple solution to those suffering.

iPhone 15 charging AirPods Pro via USB-C cable

Apple’s new iPhone 15 charger: why it’s changed and how to make the switch

The new iPhone 15 series comes with a different way to charge and connect. Here's what you need to know about the iPhone 15 charger.

Amazon Echo Dot Speaker shot in the test centre sound room
Smart speakers

New Echo smart speaker? Become an Alexa expert in 6 easy steps

Setting up your new Echo smart speaker and using Alexa couldn’t be simpler. We show you how.