Caramel Quin

Caramel Quin is an award-winning journalist who has been writing about gadgets and consumer technology since the 1990s, for national newspapers, magazines and websites on both sides of the Atlantic. Caramel’s pet hates are jargon, pointless products, planned obsolescence and over-complicated instruction manuals. Gadgets should be easy to use, work well and enrich our lives. She wrote The Gadget Show Big Book of Cool Stuff in 2021 and has won numerous awards for communicating hi-tech subjects to normal people. She understands the acronyms and tech specs so you don’t have to.

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Articles by Caramel Quin

Home Appliances

Is your slow cooker a secret energy-saving hero?

Slow cookers time-shift your cooking, but will they save you money on your electricity bills, as well as saving you time?

Electric slow cooker sat on a kitchen counter
Home Appliances

Slow cooker or pressure cooker: which is right for you?

Can’t decide whether a slow cooker or pressure cooker is right for you? We ask the experts which is best for you and why.