Camille Dubuis-Welch


Camille is a freelance writer based in north London with her cat and two friends. Cam has been in love with everything interior design and garden-related since before she can remember and is the former deputy editor of, where she got to collaborate with some very inspiring DIYers and focus on small-space improvements. 

    Articles by Camille Dubuis-Welch

    Worcester Bosch boiler close up
    Home Energy

    Should you move a boiler and how much will it cost?

    Whether you’re doing renovations or want to improve access, how much does it cost to move a boiler? We talk to the experts to find out

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    Are you changing your sheets too little… or often? Here’s what the experts say

    How often should you change your sheets? Religiously every week, or do you leave them longer? The experts come clean…

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    The best ways to descale an iron – and the hacks to avoid

    Nobody needs to switch on an iron, only for it to deposit debris all over your favourite shirt. So here’s how to descale an iron.

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    Conservatory flooring ideas: 8 options that are both beautiful and practical

    Flooring can play a huge role in linking your indoor and outdoor spaces – these conservatory flooring ideas demonstrate how

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    8 things that date a bathroom instantly, and the easy switches you can make

    Our experts' list of things that date a bathroom includes a few surprises. Avoid the design no-nos to create a modern and stylish design

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    Tidy Home

    Bath sheets a little off colour? Here’s how to get towels white again 

    Experts share why your white towels have turned yellow or grey, and key methods for how to get towels white again