Becca Caddy


Becca is a freelance journalist and author. In 2021 her first book, Screen Time, was published, which is a guide to help people find a better balance with the technology they use every day. For more than 12 years she’s been writing about the worlds of science and technology. She’s covered topics like which wearable smartwatch is best, how to get started with virtual reality and what the future of robots in our homes might look like one day. Her work has appeared in the Guardian, Metro, Inverse, New Scientist, TechRadar, Wired and many more.

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Articles by Becca Caddy

A woman is holding a smartphone and about to turn it off
Mental Wellbeing

How unplugging from tech can benefit your mental health

Find out all the ways that spending less time looking at screens can positively impact your mood, sleep and more.

Middle aged woman with tray, aroma lamp, cup and pastries reading book in the house
Mental Wellbeing

5 easy ways to disconnect from tech

Discover five simple tips for reducing your screen time, taking a break from your phone and reconnecting with the world.