Alistair Charlton


Alistair has been a technology and automotive journalist since 2011. He specialises in smart home tech, from speakers and displays, to smart lighting, plugs, audio systems, security cameras and TV streaming devices.

Alistair has tested hundreds of products during his career and as a freelancer he currently writes for Wired, T3, Forbes, The Independent, TechRadar, BBC Science Focus and Grand Designs, among others.

When he’s not installing smart lighting and configuring home automation systems, he’s testing out some of the world’s most desirable cars and interviewing the people behind them.

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Articles by Alistair Charlton

Smart speaker with man cutting vegetables in the background
Smart speakers

Bluetooth speakers vs smart speakers

From their design, portability and audio capabilities, to their networking features, smartphone app options and extra functions – this guide explains everything you need to know before buying a new speaker.

Amazon Echo (4th gen) vs Google Nest Audio
Smart speakers

Amazon Echo vs Google Nest Audio: which smart speaker is right for you?

Find out what the differences are between the two smart speakers, from hardware and design to features and capabilities.

Echo 4th gen and Echo Dot 5th gen side by side
Smart speakers

Amazon Echo vs Echo Dot: comparing the two most popular Alexa smart speakers 

They may look identical, but there are differences between Amazon’s main Echo and smaller Echo Dot spherical speakers, ranging from smart home tech to audio abilities.

A smart speaker sat on a coffee table next to a phone and a plant to illustrate what is a smart speaker
Smart speakers

What is a smart speaker and how do they work?

What makes smart speakers different to Bluetooth speakers or smart displays? We explain what they are, how to set them up and what they can do for you.

Google Nest Hub on a kitchen counter with a photograph displayed on screen
Smart display

How to use your smart display as a digital photo frame

Using your smart display as a digital photo frame doesn't need to be complicated, and we're here to show you how to enable this great feature.