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Slug sitting on green leave

How to keep slugs out of the garden

Do you have slugs in your garden that are munching through your plants and seedlings? We’ve gathered some top tips on how to keep them out of your garden so you can enjoy your plants and vegetables at their very best.

A woman potting hanging baskets with pansies, under a tree smiling at the camera

Jobs to do in the garden in April – it’s time to get stuck in outdoors

Our 10 top jobs to do in your garden in April to help you get ahead outdoors this year.

hedgehog sitting in a drainpipe surrounded by autumnal leaves and rosehips
Outdoor Living

How to make your garden a haven for hedgehogs

Discover how to attract hedgehogs to your garden by creating better access and keeping them safe, so that they help to reduce common pests.

Katie Rushworth, Gordon Bennett, Alan Titchmarsh and Danny Clarke sitting in garden

Love Your Garden’s Katie Rushworth shares her three top plant picks for a shady garden

Love Your Garden expert Katie Rushworth revealed three of her favourite plants for a shady spot during one of the team’s latest makeovers.

Potatoes falling out of a basket onto soil

Why now is the best time to plant potatoes for Christmas

Impress family and friends by serving up your own home-grown spuds. Now is the best time to plant potatoes for Christmas.

Rustic wooden Bench among a field of wildflowers taken in a walled English Garden

Monty Don and Alan Titchmarsh are missing a crucial point when criticising rewilding gardens

I think rewilding gardens is misunderstood by both its sceptics (who include Alan Titchmarsh and Monty Don) and well-meaning gardeners alike. Here’s why...

Dahlia 'Cornel Brons' in flower

Want your dahlias to flower for longer? Try these 10 genius tips

As we watch those impressive dahlia blooms come through, here’s how to keep these needy plants happy and encourage bigger flowers, according to gardening experts

Multicoloured delphinium flowers growing in a display

How and when to sow delphinium seeds for vivid, towering displays

Want to know when to sow delphinium seeds? We’ll guide you, from sowing to planting these gorgeous giants outside in your garden.

small red ants on a spoon with sugar

How to get rid of ants – and no, you don’t have to kill them

How do you get rid of ants without killing them? Get rid of ants naturally through these methods while protecting the ecosystem.

Two sunflowers in front of a sunset sky

How to grow sunflowers and add cheer to your garden 

Learn how to grow sunflowers from seed so you can inject some sunshine into your garden, while protecting the plant from pests.